Catarina V. Guerreiro


Departamento de Biologia Vegetal

Ext. Principal 20305
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Carreira Investigação
Categoria Investigador FCT nível junior

Currículo Resumido

Marine nannopalaeontologist with a multidisciplinary profile and expertise in coccolithophore signatures from sediments and water column in present-day marginal to open-ocean environments, and its application as a tool to unravel (paleo)environmental variability. Interested in exploring (a) links between the ecology and biogeochemistry of coccolithophore communities and climate-driven changes in oceanographic and atmospheric processes, including nutrient-input by atmospheric dust deposition; (b) effects of taphonomy along the transformation from living biocoenosis to sediment thanatocoenosis, for improving their potential as paleo-proxies. Currently working on CEEC/FCT-funded project CHASE (CHASing the environmental Effects of dust deposition across the Atlantic and Southern Ocean: a coccolithophore perspective) at MARE-UL (70%) and Instituto Dom Luiz (30%), in close collaboration with the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), University of East Anglia (UK), and Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). Personal webpages: MARE-UL and IDL PI of CEEC-FCT CHASE: PRIMUS Earth Science Case Lead: