Computing with Biological Agents

Sala de seminários do IBEB, FCUL, Lisboa

Por Dan Nicolau (McGill University, Montreal - Canada).

Prof. Dan Nicolau is the founding Chair of McGill’s Department of Bioengineering at the Faculty of Engineering. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering (PhD, MEng) and in Statistics, Cybernetics & Information Technology (MSc). His research covered polymer physico-chemistry, surface science and engineering, micro- and nanofabrication for semiconductor and biomedical devices, process modeling and control, protein adsorption, and recently biomimetics.

His research interests are currently focusing on three themes:

  • Biomimetics, from nano- or micro-structured surfaces mimicking Nature’s technical solutions that efficiently control the wetting, to intelligent-like algorithms used by microorganisms for space and nutrient searching, essential for survival and growth;
  • Micro- and nano-fluidics devices, from lab-on-a-chip devices, to dynamic nano-devices based on protein molecular motors, for drug discovery, diagnostics and biocomputation;
  • Fundamentals of the interactions of proteins and DNA with surfaces, which are either flat or micro/nano-structured, fabricated via classical microlithography, or via micro-ablation, for applications in biomedical microdevices and biomaterials.

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