BioSys/BioISI Research Seminar

ELIXIR: Providing Bioinformatics Support for Life Sciences Research

Sala 1.3.20, FCUL, Lisboa

Arlindo Oliveira

I will describe the ELIXIR initiative and how it aims to make widely available bioinformatics resources for life sciences research. ELIXIR aims to provide open, reusable, and sustainable bioinformatics tools, data resources and standards that will enable life science researchers to make effective use of information generated by projects, institutions and companies. I will cover the services and facilities made available by ELIXIR and the plans for future development.

The ELIXIR Portugal Node is closely related with the BioData infrastructure, which aims to provide computational and technical support to researchers interested in using bioinformatics tools. Both ELIXIR and BioData are open to participating institutions interested in topics related with bioinformatics.

BioISI - Instituto de Biossistemas e Ciências Integrativas