The Nazaré Wave :: a trigger for learning

Oceans are a global challenge and a wiser governance of the oceans can only be achieved by the involvement of all key-players, in particular, the society and young students. 

The project “The Nazaré Wave: a trigger for learning” aims to raise Ocean literacy and capture, in particular, students attention for the importance of scientific knowledge in Ocean management. One of the final outputs of this project is “The Nazaré Wave” movie, which is supported on scientific animation videos, with the participation and voiced-over by high school students from Escola Secundária de Gama Barros (Sintra, Portugal).

The project “The Nazaré Wave: a trigger for learning” was developed in the scope of the outreach activities conducted by the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. This project was funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism in the framework of the Programme PT02 – Integrated Marine and Coastal Water Management. 

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