Seminário de Sistemas Dinâmicos

Some dynamics on binary trees

Sala 6.2.33, Ciências ULisboa

Por Alexandre Tavares Baraviera (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul).

Binary trees are the Cayley graphs of the free monoid with two generators a and b. Considering configurations where each vertex has an element of some finite alphabet it is possible to define very naturally the action of a and b, that is some sense are similar to the well-known shift.   

In the talk I would like to explore some properties of two particular cases:  

First, the entropy for subshifts where the allowed transitions are defined by two matrices A and B, one for each generator (this is joint with Alex Becker and Andressa Cordeiro).

Second, the definition of a possible substitution dynamics on the trees where a non-periodic pattern appears (this is joint with Renaud Leplaideur).

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