Insights from random matrices on dissipative quantum dynamics

Sala 1.4.14, Ciências ULisboa

Por Pedro Ribeiro (CeFEMA - Instituto Superior Técnico).

Understanding the dissipative dynamics of complex quantum systems is essential to describe quantum matter at large time scales. However, even within a simplified Markovian description, studying the spectral and steady-state properties of Lindblad operators remains a challengiing task. In this talk, we present some novel insights into universal features of generic open quantum systems under Markovian dissipation by using ensemble averaging based on (non-Hermitian) random matrices. We examine three representative cases: quadratic Liouvilians, dissipative SYK models, and fully random Liouvilian operators. For this last example, we present a recent systematic classification of many-body Lindblad superoperators based on the properties of the Lindbladian under antiunitary symmetries and unitary involutions.

Short Bio: Pedro Ribeiro is an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and a researcher at the Center for Physics and Engineering of Advanced Materials (CeFEMA). His research interests lie at the intersection of condensed matter physics and quantum information. Prior to his current appointment, he was an "Investigator FCT" at CeFEMA (2014-2019), a research fellow at the Russian Quantum Center (2014-2015), and held postdoctoral appointments at the Condensed Matter Theory Group of MIT (2009-2010), CFIF, IST, Lisbon (2010-2011), and Max Planck Institute - PKS, Dresden (2011-2013). He earned his PhD in 2008 from University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris-VI and his Master's in Physics Engineering from IST (2004).

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