Lisbon Webinar in Analysis and Differential Equations

Almost everywhere convergence of sequence of Schrödinger means

Sala P3.10, Instituto Superior Técnico (com transmissão via Zoom)

Por Cho Chuhee (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea).

In this talk, we consider pointwise convergence of the Schrödinger means along sequences $t_n$ that converge to zero. We discuss sufficient conditions for the convergence and explain the key observation, which is that bounds on the maximal function $\sup_{n} |e^{it_n\Delta} f| $ can be deduced from those on $\sup_{0\lt t\le 1} |e^{it\Delta} f|$ when $\{t_n\}$ is contained in the Lorentz space $\ell^{r,\infty}.$ We will discuss sharp counterexamples for the related maximal estimates.

Transmissão via Zoom (pw: lisbonwade).

The Lisbon Webinar in Analysis in Differential Equations is a joint iniciative of CAMGSD, CMAFcIO and GFM, three research centers of the University of Lisbon. It is aimed at filling the absence of face-to-face seminars and wishes to be a meeting point of mathematicians working in the field.