Navigating EU Research & Innovation Funding

Leveraging Current Experiences for Future Opportunities

Auditório da FCiências.ID, Lisboa
Título, local e data do evento, acompanhados de logótipos do Horizon 2020 e União Europeia

Promoted by the TWIN2PIPSA capacitation activities, this workshop aims to provide a strategic vision on consortium participation in key EU funding program calls to the FCiências.ID/ULisboa and CIÊNCIAS ULisboa community. In addition, this workshop seeks to encourage the CIÊNCIAS ULisboa community to actively compete for European funding opportunities by offering insights into specific funding calls and their interconnectedness, including Twinning, Hop On, Cost Actions, and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Attendees will learn about pathways and strategies for consortia to thrive and will receive specific advice on the scientific and administrative management of these calls to foster future excellent research endeavours. This workshop will be an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on EU research and innovation programs, empowering participants to navigate and excel in these valuable opportunities. This workshop is open to all CIÊNCIAS ULisboa community, but registration is mandatory.

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