Women in Natural Philosophy: Margaret Cavendish and Émilie du Châtelet

Anfiteatro da FCiências.ID, Ciências ULisboa
Título do evento e pinturas de Margaret Cavendish e Émilie du Châtelet

Por María de Paz (Universidad de Sevilla).

The role of women in History and Philosophy of Science has largely been neglected. In several European universities the absence of women from the canon of philosophers in regular curricula is remarkable, this absence is even more prominent when the topic of study is related to natural sciences or STEM disciplines. The purpose of this talk is to introduce to the audience the work of two women who worked in natural philosophy: Margaret Cavendish, a singular author from the 17th century and Émilie du Châtelet, an outstanding scholar from the 18th century.

Silvia Di Marco (CFCUL) e Blanca Luque (CFCUL/GI2)