Seminário Permanente de Filosofia das Ciências

On the Empathic Effects and Experience of Film

Neuroscientific accounts and dramaturgical-aesthetic considerations

Anfiteatro da FCiências.ID (com transmissão via Zoom)

Por Graça P. Corrêa (CFCUL/GI3).

The relationship between film and neuroscience has been recently addressed by Vittorio Gallese (neuroscientist) and Michele Guerra (film theorist) in their book The Empathic Screen (2022). In this seminar I explore a major aspect of this interplay, namely the interrelated relationship between film making and reception, by providing an aesthetic and dramaturgical reflection on how certain aspects of cinematic storytelling - such as style, rhythm, characters, narrative, shot-scales and editing - are “emotionally prefocused” or may be designed so as to elicit distinct empathic effects.

Transmissão via Zoom (pw: 193754).

Cartaz do evento

João Luís Cordovil (CFCUL/GI2) e Silvia Di Marco (CFCUL)