Lisbon Webinar in Analysis and Differential Equations

Linearized instability for neutral FDEs with state-dependent delays

Sala 6.2.33, Ciências ULisboa (com transmissão via Zoom)

Por Jaqueline Mesquita (Universidade de Brasília).

In this talk, we present a linearized instability principle for neutral FDEs with state-dependent delays. This is a joint work with Bernhard Lani-Wayda from Justus-Liebig Universität, Giessen.

Transmissão via Zoom.

The Lisbon Webinar in Analysis in Differential Equations is a joint iniciative of CAMGSD, CMAFcIO and GFM, three research centers of the University of Lisbon. It is aimed at filling the absence of face-to-face seminars and wishes to be a meeting point of mathematicians working in the field.