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Research agenda on biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services in European cities

Transmissão através de Videoconferência

Por Pedro Pinho (EChanges - cE3c).

Cities are challenging environments for life, but this can be mitigated through ecosystem services provided by different functions supported by biodiversity. To better understand the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services in urban areas, we need to improve our mechanistic knowledge of these relationships. This presentation will propose a series of research directions aimed at extending the current knowledge, based on (1) improving urban habitat mapping; (2) considering often neglected urban habitats and ecological niches; (3) integrating multiple urban gradients; (4) using trait-based approaches to improve our mechanistic understanding of the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services; and (5) extending the involvement of citizens. Pursuing these research directions may support the sustainable management of urban ecosystems and the long-term provision of ecosystem services, ultimately enhancing the well-being of urban populations.

Transmissão em direto via Zoom.

cE3c - Centro de Ecologia, Evolução e Alterações Ambientais