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Coastal Groundwater response to climate variability coupling in California and Portugal

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Por Kate Malmgren (Universidade do Algarve, Portugal).

Aquifers are a fundamental source of fresh water, yet they are particularly vulnerable in coastal Mediterranean regions due to climate and anthropogenic pressures. Examining the interrelationships between ocean-atmosphere teleconnections and groundwater levels in coastal aquifers of California and Portugal reveal information pertinent to securing future groundwater resources. Piezometric and climate indices (1989-2019) are analyzed using singular spectral analysis (SSA) and wavelet transform methods. SSA identifies signals consistent with the dominant climate patterns. Lower frequency oscillations have a greater influence on hydrologic patterns, with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (52.75%) and the North Atlantic Oscillation (46.25%) on average accounting for the largest amount of groundwater level variability. Wavelet coherences show non-stationary covariability between climate patterns and groundwater levels in distinct period bands and also show that coupled climate patterns are associated with major drought periods.

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