Nematics in Confined Geometries - Complex Patterns and their Applications

Transmissão através de Videoconferência

Por Apala Majumdar (University of Strathclyde, UK).

Nematic liquid crystals are classical examples of partially ordered soft materials that combine fluidity with long-range orientational order. Nematics are directional materials and their direction-dependent response to light and external fields make them the working material of choice for a variety of electro-optic applications. We review the powerful continuum Landau-de Gennes theory for nematic liquid crystals and mathematically model confined nematics in prototype situations. Notably, we discuss new results on the defect sets and multistability of nematics in regular two-dimensional polygons, illustrating the effects of geometry, material properties and temperature on the solution landscape. We investigate saddle-point solutions that connect distinct stable equilibria and novel transition pathways mediated by high-index saddle points. These detailed investigations of nematic solution landscapes on regular polygons can be generalised to three-dimensional scenarios and offer novel prospects for tailored multistability and switching mechanisms for applications.


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