Seminar - PhD Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems

Why am I doing the PhD?

Sala 8.1.56, FCUL, Lisboa

Speaker: Carla Silva (FCUL, PhD Mechanical Engineering - 2247 citations & h26 @Google scholar).

This session will include 2 previous PhD experiences and a 30-minute talk from the coordinator of the PhD program Sustainable Energy Systems (FCUL-IDL). In this talk are provided answers to the following questions:

  • Why am I pursuing a PhD?
  • What skills are expected at the end of the degree?
  • How would be the journey from start to finish line?
  • How should I manage my time?
  • How should be my thesis document?

Based on own experience (13 PhD supervisions), books by Roel Snieder, PhD Geophysics, Ana Relvas, PhD in Aerospacial Engineering and scientific publications in Nature Biotechnology and UC Berkeley Well-being report.