Aula aberta

ICP-MS, a versatile tool for trace metal analysis in clinical and biological samples

Sala 8.2.39, FCUL, Lisboa

Por David Milde (Departamento de Química Analítica da Palacký University Olomouc, República Checa).

Aula de entrada livre sobre análise de amostras biológicas por ICP-MS. 

Trace metal analysis in biological and clinical samples has been of great interest for many years. The lecture will shortly address the reasons for that and compare possible analytical instrumentation that can be applied. Main part of the talk will be focused on selected applications dealing with methods development for ICP-MS. Not only methods for total concentration determinations but also speciation analysis of Cr in clinical samples such as blood and joint effusion will be mentioned. Approaches to sample preparation and ways how to deal with tricky elements and quality assurance of results will be presented as well.