XVI International Symposium on Marine Natural Products and XV European Congress on Marine Natural Products joint meeting

Joint XVI MaNaPro & XI ECMNP meeting

MH Peniche Hotel

Young scientists in the Marine Natural Products (MNP) field from all over the world are especially encouraged to participate. Senior experts, rising MNP stars and early scientists will present their results in a combination of plenary lectures, invited talks, contributed oral communications, and poster sessions.

Joint XVI MaNaPro & XI ECMNP meeting includes the following topics:

  • Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Marine Natural Products;
  • Biosynthesis of Marine Natural Products;
  • Marine Natural Products Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry;
  • Marine Chemical Ecology and Ecosystem Functioning;
  • Marine Natural Products Chemical Biology and Biotechnology;
  • Drug Discovery and Development.

Helena Gaspar (Departamento de Química e Bioquímica de Ciências ULisboa) integra a comissão organizadora do evento, a decorrer de 01 a 05 de setembro de 2019.