New Ciências portal

Scientific Iconography

Dear members of Ciências,

The school board decided to update the Ciências portal (, aiming at modernizing its image and making it easier to use for everyone.

As part of this project, we are currently organizing the contents to be made available on the Ciências portal. To ensure that the final result is usable by everyone, we ask that you participate in a brief study.

With this study we aim at understanding if the content organization in the Ciências portal facilitates (or makes it difficult) information finding activities within the portal. Each participant will be asked to complete a small number of tasks consisting of locating the page where they think the requested information is located (for example, on which page can I find the library's contact information).

As the Ciências portal is visited by many different people, including many who are not Ciências students or employees, we also ask for your collaboration in order to make this study reach these audience: future students, former students or representatives of the press, for example.

Participation in the study should not take more than 10 minutes and no personal information will be collected.

In addition to completing the tasks, if you wish you will have the opportunity to leave your comments about the proposed organization. If you are available, we also suggest that you consider tasks that you usually complete on the Ciências portal and try to reproduce them in the proposed organization.


To start your participation, choose the most appropriate role for you:

From the Ciências community:

From outside the Ciências community:

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, whether carrying out the tasks or sending this request to other people.