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The EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) is an organism of the European Commission created in 2008 with the goal of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. This goal is put into practice by Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC), great strategic networks constituted by higher education institutions, research centers and companies around a shared thematic core and a shared medium- and long-term innovation plan. These are the themes of the existing KICs: 1) Climate change mitigation and adaptation; 2) Future ICTs; 3) Sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution of raw materials; 4) Sustainable energy; 5) Healthy living and active ageing.

KIC EIT Health

KIC EIT HEALTH is a Knowledge and Innovation Community that intends to promote entrepreneurship and develop innovations for a healthy living and an active ageing by offering products, services and concepts that will enhance the quality of life of the citizens and the sick and contribute for the sustainability of Europe's health systems.

EIT Health is a diverse and proportionate partnership of more than 140 institutions that wishes to offer a unique and strong answer to european health challenges. Through its' first seven years of activity, KIC Health as a whole shall work with around 2.1 billion euros.

It is constituted by six co-location centers (CLCs), situated in London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris, Heidelberg and Roterdam, and the Innostars cluster, made with entities from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Wales and Portugal. Portuguese participation in Innostars is divided between two poles, Coimbra and Lisbon. The latter integrates the Universidade of Évora, Hovione, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, PT Cloud, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte and the Universidade de Lisboa, through which Ciências participates in the KIC.

From the conjoint answer to the three societal challenges and the three cross challenges that are the basis of KIC Health it is expected a profound and lasting impact in Europe's economic and social structure:

KIC Health

Reproducing the structure of the Knowledge Triangle, EIT Health's activities are divided in three categories: CAMPUS, INNOVATION AND ACCELERATOR.

Ciências has been following EIT Health's implementation since the first steps by mobilising several of its researchers. All researchers or students from Ciências interested in gathering more information about this initiative – or in taking part in its activities – are invited to contact the Gabinete de Apoio à Investigação:

Ana Maria Faísca –

António Marques –


Ageing Brain Summer School (CAMPUS)

  • Main organiser: University of Groningen, Graduate School of Medical Sciences
  • When: from the 2nd to the 16th of July, 2016
  • Entities involved: University of Ghent, University of Uppsala, University of Newcastle, University of Copenhagen, KULeuven, SIEMENS, Barco, Achmea, Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands, Friesland Campina, Universidade de Lisboa
  • Universidade de Lisboa's faculties involved: Faculdade de Ciências, Faculdade de Medicina e Faculdade de Farmácia
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