31st of August to 6th of September 2014

Évora, Portugal

List of Abstracts

First Author


Aidona, E.

Middle Neolithic Period: New archaeomagnetic and thermoluminescence data from a pottery kiln at Magoula Imvrou Pigadi, SW Thessaly, Greece

Aidona, E. Magnetic properties of sediment cores from Anthemountas basin (N. Greece) and their significance to the environmental history of the area
Alva Valdivia, L.M.

Rock-magnetism, microscopy and quantitative magnetic interpretation of Las Truchas iron-ore mining district, Michoacan, Mexico

Álvarez Posada, C.

Paleomagnetic analysis of  river terraces of the Arlanza, Arlanzón, and Duero rivers (N Spain) and chronological context

Appel, E.

Low-temperature oxidation of magnetite reveals humidity variation in paleoclimate records of the Tibetan Plateau

Arneitz, P.

Comparison of direct and indirect geomagnetic records

Baptista, M.A.

Tsunamis - Challenges for tsunami research in Europe

Bayou, B.

Possible relationship between magnetic properties and heavy metal (HVs) pollution induced by the Pb-Zn mining at Boucaid, Tissemsilt, Algeria.

Beamud, E.

Magnetostratigraphic constraints on the timing of deformation in Frontal Fars Arc (Zagros Folded Belt, Iran)

Berndt, T.

New constraints on the evolution of the Gibraltar Arc from palaeomagnetic data of the Ceuta and Beni Bousera peridotites (Rif, northern Africa)

Bispo-Santos, F.

Paleomagnetism of Sedimentary Rocks from the Roraima Supergroup, Northern Amazonian Craton: Preliminary Results

Bogalo, M.F.

New rock magnetic results from Galería cave in the Atapuerca palaeoanthropological site (northern Spain). Influence of solar irradiation in the edaphic generation of superparamagnetic grains?

Böhnel, H

Paleomagnetic dating of lava flows from Ceboruco volcano and surroundings, western Transmexican Volcani Belt

Brown, L.L.

900 Ma Pole for Southwestern Baltica:  Paleomagnetism of the Bjerkreim Sokndal Layered Intrusion, Rogaland Igneous Complex, Norway

Brown, L.L.

Rock Magnetic Properties of the Chipman Dike Swarm, Athabasca Granulite Terrain, Canada: Possible Target for Paleomagnetic Studies?

Bučová, J.

Paleomagnetic results of Jurassic sediments in the Central Western Carpathians (Slovakia)

Caccavari, A.

A paleomagnetic and paleointensity study of a Miocene polarity transition in La Gomera (Canary Islands, Spain)

Calvin, P. New paleomagnetic study on Jurassic Gabbroic Rocks from the Central High Atlas (Morocco): structural implications

Calvo-Rathert, M.

Paleointensity results from Lanzarote (Canary Islands) obtained with two different techniques

Cao, L

Environmental study for pollution at Linfen and its change-magnetic monitoring of leaves and soil

Cao, L

Quantification of map similarity to demonstrate the efficiency of magnetic pre-screening for heavy metal pollution assessment in top soil.

Carlut, J. Interpreting the magnetic signature of serpentinized peridotites from Mid-Oceanic Ridges and ophiolites

Chadima, M.

Safyr - a software for complex treatment of magnetic susceptibility data: from acquisition to presentation

Chadimova, L

Frequency-dependent magnetic susceptibility of limestones: a case study from the Late Silurian shallow-water limestones (Teplá-Barrandian Unit, Prague Synform, Czech Republic)

Church, N.S.

Needles in cumulate stacks: characterising magnetic recorders in layered intrusions

Coe, R.

The crucial role of continuous thermal demagnetization in the demise of the rapid-field-change hypothesis at Steens Mountain

Das, P.K.

Spatial pollution screening of the road-dusts within “The Bombay Arc”, India: Magnetometry as a pollution proxy

Das, P.K.

Evaluation of rock-magnetic properties for the determination of metal pollution in the sedimentary core of the Kolleru lake, East coast of India

Derder, M.E.M

First Moscovian paleomagnetic pole, age-constrained by a fold test, from In Ezzane area in the Murzuq basin (Algeria, Stable Africa): Improvement of the Gondwana APWP

Drago, T

On the search of mass transport deposits on Southern Portuguese Margin - preliminary results

Dytłow, S.K.

The use of magnetic method to study the spread of anthropogenic pollution in model soil profiles – preliminary results.

Ech-chakrouni, S.

Comparison of archaeomagnetic and 14C datings of fireplaces discovered in a cremation necropolis of funerary urns in Belgium

Fabian, K.

Magnetic high-field studies of nanostructures
in natural and synthetic ilmenite-hematite solid solutions

Fabian, K.

The GEMAS European background data set for magnetic susceptibility in agricultural soil

Font, E.

Ocean acidification during the Deccan Phase-2

Frančišković-Bilinski, S.

Initial magnetic susceptibility measurements in sediments of Croatian and Slovenian rivers

Gendler, T.S.

Magnetic and Mossbauer study of Fe-compounds in relicts of Iron Age slags in Denmark (reconstruction of historical iron smelting process)

Georgiev, N.

Emplacement and fabric-forming conditions of plutons from structural and magnetic fabric analysis: A case study of the Plana pluton (Central Bulgaria)

Gogorza, C.S.G

New Rock Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Information Obtained for southern Patagonia (Argentina)

Gogorza, C.S.G

A multiproxy approach to reconstruct the environmental changes in Lago Toncek (Patagomia, Argentina): Preliminary studies

Goguichaichvili, A.

Full vector archaeomagnetic dating of a medieval limekiln at Pinilla del Valle (Madrid, Spain)

Goguitchaichvili, A

Variation of the Earth’s Magnetic Field Strength in South America During the Last Two Millennia, New results from Historical Buildings of Buenos Aires and Re-evaluation of Regional Data

Górka-Kostrubiec, B.

Indoor dust granulometry in aspect of magnetic properties of anthropogenic pollution.

Grison, H.

Magnetic and geochemical characterization of volcanic soils developed on basalts in the Massif Central, France

Halia, L.O.N

Magnetic properties of Sulawesi Ultrabasic Complex

Heinrich, F.C.

Magnetic properties and their mineralogical origin of salt rocks

Henry, B.

Paleomagnetic dating of continental geological formations: Strong diachronism evidenced in the Saharan platform and geodynamical implications

Herb, C.

Magnetic properties of late Pliocene-Pleistocene lacustrine sediments of the western Qaidam Basin (NE Tibetan Plateau): their use for detecting paleoenvironmental changes

Herrero-Bervera, E.

Reversal records recorded on long volcanic sequences along the Hawaiian Island chain: past, present and future perspectives

Herrero-Bervera, E.

Full Vector (i.e. directional and relative paleointensity) results of the geomagnetic signature of the Pringle Falls excursion (ca 211+/-13 ka) recorded at Pringle Falls, Oregon USA

Herrero-Bervera, E. Magnetostratigraphy and rock magnetic characterization of Baltic Sea IODP Expedition 347 Sites M0059 and M0060

Hirt, A.M.

Quantitative methods to analyse superparamagnetic and single domain mixtures of magnetite

Hrouda, F

Modelling the AMS of SD Ferromagnetic Fraction: Significance for Inverse Magnetic Fabrics

Irurzun, M.A.

Preliminary Results of Relative Paleointensity Record of Sediments from Tajamar Formation, Valle De Lerma, Salta, Argentina

Jelenska, M.

Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic study of Lower Devonian sediments from Podolia, SW Ukraine: remagnetization problems

Jeleńska, M.

The role of organic matter in pollution catching in indoor dust

Kapička, A.

Magnetism of soils applied for estimation of erosion at morphologically diverse area

Kapper, L.

First archeointensity results from four types of ancient kilns excavated in Burkina Faso (West Africa)

Kazansky, A.Yu.

Rock Magnetic Properties of Loess-Paleosol Sections in Baikal Region

Kletetschka, G. 

Paleomagnetism of Impact Glass

Kontny, A. Magnetic properties and microstructures of ferrimagnetic minerals from impact structures and shock experiments

Kumari, M.

Is 135° Ridge on The Lower Half of The First Order Reversal Curve Diagram an artifact?

Kusbach, V.

Modeling of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility: example from serpentinized peridotite

Lenka, K.

Archeomagnetic investigation in Slovakia

Lévêque, F.

Magnetic enhancement of clay materials by heat treatment: role of environmental conditions

Lévêque, F.

High resolution 3D magnetic survey: limitations and archaeological applications

Lisé-Pronovost, A.

Rock-magnetic and paleomagnetic study from the ancient harbor of Rome (Italy) during the first millennium AD

Lurcock, P.C.

Palaeomagnetic dating of a Quaternary sediment core
from the Tyrrhenian Sea

Machek, M.

Complex flow in granite crystal mush evidenced by AMS, rock magnetism and microstructure (Castle Crags pluton, California)

Madureira, P. Searching mineral resources in ocean domains – the Portuguese case study

Magiera, T.

Characteristics of technogenic magnetic particles from different sources of industrial and urban emissions

Makaroğlu, Ö

Mineral Magnetic and Geochemical Properties of Kucukcekmece Lagoon (Western Anatolia)

Matasova, G.G.

Rock magnetic properties of archeological sites in different geological environments

McEnroe, S.

Magnetism at Depth: Magnetic properties of granulite-facies rocks and rocks exhumed from the eclogite facies (> 120km). What do their properties tell us about magnetization in the deep crust?

Mendakiewicz, M.

Technogenic magnetic particles in soils as an evidence of historical human activity

Menshov, O. Magnetic investigations in Carpathian Foredeep of Ukraine

Merabet, N

Emplacement conditions, from geophysical investigations and field observations, of the Paleoproterozoic Tinguicht pluton (Yetti domain, Eglab shield, Algeria)

Michels, A.

Characterization of the magnetic properties of the Leka Ophiolite Complex

Miranda, J.M. Improved magnetic methods for plate kinematics

Mohamed K.J.

Controls on the magnetic properties of sediments from the NW Iberian Margin

Moreira, M.

Magma flow pattern in dykes of the Azores revealed by the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility

Moreno, E.

Magnetic properties of marine sediments from the Bengal Fan : record of climatic changes during Holocene and turbiditic activity from the Gange-Brahmapoutre system

Moussaid, A.B.

Paleomagnetic and AMS study of the Taghleft inverted basin. Evidences of

early compressional events in the High Atlas belt (North Africa).

Muxworthy, A.

Understanding the effect of chemical alteration on palaeomagnetic signals

Necula, C.

Reconstruction of superparamagnetic particles grain size distribution from Romanian loess using frequency dependent magnetic susceptibility and low temperature Mossbauer spectroscopy

Oliva-Urcia, B.

Magnetic proxies in continental records; what are they telling about environmental changes?

Orlyuk, M.

Geomagnetic view of Illintsy structure:  impact or volcano?

Parés, J.M.  Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) unlocks synsedimentary deformation kinematics at Pico del Aguila, Pyrenees, Spain

Panaiotu, C.G.

Paleosecular variation in the last 6 Ma recorded by lava flows from the East Carpathians (Romania)

Petrovsky, E.

Simplified core-shell model in assessing the size of superparamagnetic maghemite/magnetite particles

Poidras, Th

FURéMAG: A very fast-heating furnace dedicated to absolute paleointensity with the MSP-DSC protocol.

Pruner, P.

Palaeogeography of Prague Basin in Silurian times (Wenlock–Ludlow): data from palaeomagnetic and geochemical research

Rădan, S.C.

A tentative synopsis of dating the loess in Southern Romania over the last half-century. New results and older ages

Rădan, S.C. Composite enviromagnetic and lithological signatures retrieved from recent sediments in the Danube Delta (Romania), with a special view to the couples of lake

Raposo, M.I.B

Magnetic studies on mesozoic dike swarms from the coastline of São Paulo state (SE Brazil).

Rey, D.

Geochronological value of environmagnetism in the study of late Pleistocene to Holocene near-slope marine sedimentary sequences of the NW Iberian Margin

Robinson, P.

Lamellar Magnetism in the Rhombohedral Oxides:

How does it work?

Rodriguez-Ceja, M.

Archeointensity determinations on Pre-Columbian potteries from La Ceiba and Santa Marta shelter-caves (Chiapas, Mexico).

Roxerová, Z.

AMS of deformed hematite in torsion

Sánchez, E.M.

A paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic study of Pliocene and Pleistocene lava flow sequences from the Lesser Caucasus (Southern Georgia)

Satolli, S. Jurassic magnetostratigraphy from the Northern Apennines (Italy)

Savian, J.F.

Environmental magnetic expression of the MECO event in different oceanic basins

Schmidt, V.

Magnetic properties and anisotropy of Permian salt deposits in the North German Basin

Shcherbakov, V.P.

TCRM Induction And Thellier Experiments with Titanomagnetites

Shcherbakova, V.V.

Estimating the Variations in Paleointensity from the Siberian Traps of Maimecha-Kotui and Norilsk Region

Silva, P.F.

Thermomagnetic analyses of oceanic basalts - Testing a new approach to differentiate oxidation degree from the primitive composition of titanomagnetites

Silva, P.F. Paleomagnetic and magnetic study of Faial-Pico ridge (Azores Archipelago)
Silva, S. Heading Error of Andrómeda´s class hydrographic survey vessels
Silva, S

Magnetic field characterization for object detection – study case of Ocean Revival Park in Portimão, South Portugal

Soler-Arechalde, AM

A Detailed Record of Brunhes-Matuyama Geomagnetic Reversal in Tlalpan Paleosols (Central Mexico)

Spassov, S.

Characterisation of viscous magnetisation with the induction coercivity meter

Szuszkiewicz, M.

Magnetic properties of soil profiles – combination of geogenic, pedogenic, and anthropogenic signal

Tema, E. Dating of ancient baked clays: A combined archaeomagnetic and thermoluminescence analysis applied to a brick workshop at Kato Achaia, Greece.
Tema, E.

Full geomagnetic field determination of two brick kilns, Osterietta (Northen Italy).

Terrizzano, C.M.

Analysis of magnetofabrics applied to the study of neotectonic deformation in the Central Andes of Argentina. Can they be used as a kinematical tool?

Van der Voo, R.

Paleomagnetism and global plate kinematics: reliability assessments and promising possibilities to augment the database

Veselovskiy, R.

Paleomagnetism and geochronology of the Devonian dykes, Kola Peninsula

Veselovskiy, R.

New constraints on duration and rate of the Siberian traps volcanism based on a new high detailed paleomagnetic data

Villalain, J.J

New paleomagnetic records of the cretaceous remagnetizations in eastern iberia (Maestrat Basin).

Volk, M.

Effect of Pressure on Paleointensities

Werner, T.

Synfolding remagnetization of Permian redbeds and synfolding magnetization of Jurassic limestones and tectonic reconstructions in Permian and Jurassic rocks in Dinarides (Croatia)

Werner, T.

Effects  of the coring and sampling techniques on the palaeomagnetic record and magnetic fabric in the Tertiary and Quaternary preglacial sediments (Różce profile, Grójec area, Mazovian, Poland) – preliminary interpretations

Zhidkov, G.V.

To the determinations of absolute paleointensity on contemporaneous flows from Kamchatka and Antarctica

Yang, T. Rock magnetic properties of fault rocks from the rupture of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, China and their implications for seismic faulting