31st of August to 6th of September 2014

Évora, Portugal


The 14th Castle Meeting will be held at hotel M’ar De Ar Muralhas, a comfortable and spacious four star hotel, which certainly provides desirable good moments.

The Hotel is located in the historic city of Évora, in the heart of the zone classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, within 5 minutes’ walk of the main square (Praça do Giraldo), the hearth of this magnificent city and capital of the kingdom during the early years of the sixteenth century.

With a perfect accessibility and a prime location, the hotel enjoys a wide landscaped area framed by the historic city walls, which provides an environment of unparalleled beauty, particularly when it lights up at nightfall. The benefit of this unique setting is the pool area, the terrace with a living area of high comfort, taking full advantage of the famous Alentejo nights.

You can see more details at hotel official webpage: http://www.mardearhotels.com/en/hotels/mar-de-ar-muralhas/the-hotel-muralhas/