31st of August to 6th of September 2014

Évora, Portugal


We will follow the tradition of the previous thirteen meetings held each other year since 1988, promoting the information exchange on fresh results in paleomagnetism, environmental magnetism and physical principles of rock magnetism.

Therefore, we have no special preference and original contributions dealing with any of the the following topics are welcome:

  • Rock magnetism and its physical background;
  • Rock magnetism applied to activities with potential economic interest (e.g., mineralization processes and hydrocarbon exploration);
  • Paleomagnetism and dating (archeomagnetism, paleointensity, secular variation, magnetostratigraphy, excursions,,…);
  • Paleomagnetism and/or marine magnetic anomalies applied to tectonics;
  • Coupling between paleomagnetic data and geodynamo models;
  • Environmental magnetism;
  • Magnetic record of global changes;
  • Rock magnetic fabrics – new frontiers;
  • New Techniques and approaches;
  • Assessment of quality of the paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic data;