31st of August to 6th of September 2014

Évora, Portugal


“MAGIBER (Paleomagnetismo en la Península Ibérica – Paleomagnetism in the Iberian Peninsula)” is a working group of the Spanish Geological Society (http://www.sociedadgeologica.es/) that aims to be a scientific forum on paleomagnetism and rock magnetism linked to the Iberian Peninsula (but not only). It was born in 2001 and we organized biannual workshops in Portugal and Spain since then (see more details at http://www.ub.edu/paleomag/compaleomag.htm). 2014 will correspond to the 8th MAGIBER meeting. The geographical coincidence with the 14th Castle Meeting in the Iberian Peninsula gives us the opportunity to integrate the scientific contributions of MAGIBER within the Castle Meeting program. Therefore, we encourage regular MAGIBER participants to send their scientific contributions to the 14th Castle Meeting in Évora (Portugal). In addition, a brief meeting for MAGIBER members will be included in the program of the 14th Castle Meeting in which, among other topics, the organization of the upcoming MAGIBER meeting will be discussed.