Follow step by step the activities under the Project

Parish of Campolide
July 29th

Inserted in the vacations camps of the Parish of Campolide it was performed an activity with young people by the network CITIDEP/ABAE/Laboratório e-planning, using interactive webkits, as part of the activities under the Project on July 29th by 2,30 pm at Parque Eduardo VII. The activity consisted on an interactive exhibition of a poster with an explanation of the three main themes of the Project (Re-industrialization, Sustainable Development and Green Economy;  Europe Strategy 2020 and the Importance of Education about the Sea and its Resources), followed by a quiz on the subjects referred, in which young people were divided into teams. All participants received a certificate of participation and the winning team received a prize (entrance tickets to the Natural History Museum, the Orient Museum and Aquarium Vasco da Gama and vouchers of Science4you who collaborated in this initiative).

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Audience in the Portuguese National Assembly
24th June

It was held in the Portuguese National Assembly on June 24th an audience at 2 pm with the Parliamentary Commission for Environment, Spatial Planning and Local Government. At this hearing was presented the Project and the survey results, which was followed by a period of questions from the seven deputy members present in the session. Of the project team attended to this audience José Manuel Pinto Paixão, Susana Fonseca, Cristina Branquinho, Ana Faísca and Antonio Marques.


Conference in the Higher School of Education of Santarém
29th May


On the 29th of May it was held a conference focused on the pollution problem in the river Alviela in the Higher School of Education of Santarém. It counted with the participation of the Professor Cristina Branquinho of FC-UL.


Conference in the Secondary School Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho
14th May

It took place on May 14th at 11,45 am the Conference The Sea and the Portuguese Coastline in the Main Hall of  the Amalia Maria Secondary School. The conference counted with the presence of Prof. Dr. Ana Ramos Pereira of IGOT - UL.

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Europe Day

9th, 10th and 11th May

The CIEJD participated in the celebrations of the Europe Day promoted by the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Office in Portugal.

This year the celebration consisted of an event, that was held on 9th, 10th and 11th of May, in Praça da Figueira, Lisbon, focusing on the European Youth on the Move initiative.

Bringing together a large number of entities, it intended to inform about programs and instruments at the disposal of young Europeans in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship and education, enhancing their participation. An opportunity to promote greater citizens involvement in the projects of the Communication Plan 2014, which included our EU Project - Sustainability & Efficient Use of Resources: Survey, Debate and Dissemination.


TEDx Valsassina
April 30th

It was held in the auditorium of the College Valsassina on April 30th, at 2,45 pm the TEDx Valsassina Which Future?, with the participation of Paulo Magalhães, Nuno Gaspar de Oliveira, Fernanda Pargana, Pedro Ferreira and Paulo Victória.

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Green minute

On March 26th it was broadcasted the Green Minute on the program Good Day Portugal RTP Channel 1 allusive to our "EU Project - Sustainability & Efficient Use of Resources: Survey, Debate and Dissemination". In partnership with Quercus Green Minute is a item in the Good Day Portugal, lasting 1 minute, whose purpose is to advise the citizen on how to improve the environment.

Our Project was also mentioned in the Sic News Green Economy Program on April 3rd and July 5th.

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From March 26 to March 29 of 2014 in FIL, Parque das Nações, Lisbon took place the event "Futurália" in which Jacques Delors Centre presented the ongoing projects, which includes EU - Sustainability & Efficient Use of Resources: Survey, Debate and Dissemination.

The fair 'Futurália - Educational Provision, Training and Employability' intends to established contact between students and the teaching institutions in order to obtain specific information about their academic and professional future.

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e-Planning Workshop
28th of February of 2014, FC-UL

This conference showcased innovative e-Planning projects, aiming to:

  • present, assess, and discuss the state of the art of this interdisciplinary field;
  • suggest directions for future research;
  • promote the exchange of projects, knowledge, and experience between e-planners from various countries.


The conference went beyond the traditional communication model, creating a space and an opportunity to see and reflect on the potential of the tools, systems, and approaches of this scientific area.

The project UE - Opinion Study: Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources is on of the projects presented at this Workshop, with the participation of the teams from e-Planning Lab / FC-UL, CITIDEP and ABAE / Eco - School Network. Besides a poster, there was an informal meeting with the Coordinator of ABAE, Dra Margarida Gomes, the Director of CITIDEP for Schools, Dra Anabela Neves (former Director of HighSchools at the Ministry of Education), to discuss activities to engage schools and young people.