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Invited Lectures





Eurachem – how it began


Williams, A.

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What Eurachem has achieved


Walsh, M.

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The measurement cycle


Wegscheider, W.

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Setting the measurement requirement


Silva, R.B.

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Method validation and verification


Sibbesen, L.

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Recovery/bias evaluation


Leito, I.

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Proficiency Testing (PT)–a tool to improve laboratory performance


Brookman, B.

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Traceability in chemical analysis – Are we ready to deliver?


Emons, H.

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Uncertainty evaluation for analysis and sampling


Ellison, S.

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Reporting the result and assessment for compliance


Magnusson, B.

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QA/QC to underpin the measurement cycle


Bianco, P.

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Key skills for the analytical scientist: Assessing competence in the laboratory


Barwick, V.

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Where next


Camões, M.F.


Oral Communications





JRC contribution to the fitness for purpose of analytical methods for food and feed matrices


Cordeiro, F.; Fiamegkos, I.; Robouch, P.; Calle, B.



Assessment of the determination of total sulphur in fertilizers by ICP-OES


Nunes, M.J.; M. João Moura



Use of interlaboratory study to better define the characteristics of dispersion of results in natural gas analysis


Vatin, A.; Vial, J.; Leininger, J.P.; Jardy, A. – Presented by Basset, E.



Assessing a new approach (triple A-classification) to evaluate performance-underperformance of laboratories participating in the EU proficiency tests for multi-residue analysis of pesticides in fruits and vegetables


Valverde, A.; Fernández-Alba, A.; Aguilera, A.; Mezcua, M.



Specifications and traceability in the pharmaceutical industry


Nielsen, E.; Byrialsen, K.; Jespersen, A.; Adamczewski, L.

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Estimation of measurement uncertainty in the fluorometric determination of ammoniacal nitrogen in sea water by continuous flow analysis (CFA)


Claramunt, I.; Perez, L.



NMIJ analytical skill-upgrade training program


Chiba, K.; Inagaki, K.; Huroiwa, T.



Quality assurance of chemical analysis: classification, modeling and quantification of human errors


Kuselman, I.

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Courses of study and interest-based subjects


Camões, M.F.



Training needs to understand quality assurance


Tsimillis, K.

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Accuracy in niacin quantification in food matrices, by an RP-HPLC method


Flores, C.; Dias, M.G.; Santos, M.

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Method validation of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and cadmium in meat and meat products by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry


Abbasova, T.; Kamalova, S.; Hamidullazade, A.; Hassanova, S.



Uncertainty sources at the determination of limit of detection and limit of quantification in gas chromatography and comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography


Májek, P.; Krupčík, J.



Validation of copper and mercury in marine sediments


Palma, C.; Valença, M.; Gama, A.; Santos, P.



Comparison of pressurized liquid extraction and soxhlet extraction for the determination of organic pollutants in marine sediments


Santos, P.; Gama, A.; Valença, M.; Palma, C.



Establishment of a model to estimate the uncertainties associated to the measurement of atmospheric pollutants in a crude refinery


Dias, F.; Matos, M.



Performance of the method EN 12396-1 – with the introduction of minor modifications – versus the criteria of SANCO 12571/2013 for quantitative determinations


Luz, S.; Santos, T., Silva, R.B.

[PDF, 1.4 Mb]


Validation of nickel quantitative analysis using ICP-OES with an ultrasonic nebulizer


Ferreira, S.; Duarte, C.; Ribeiro, S.; Sousa, I.; Coelho, M.R.



Environmentally friendly matrix effect matching evaluation for the major elements in solid biofuel characterization by atomic absorption spectrometry


Trancoso, M.; Lopes, H.; Teixeira, P.; Calisto, S.



Monitoring laboratory performance over time from proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons


Trancoso, M.; Sousa, A.; Calisto, S.



European proficiency tests for fruit and vegetables from 1996 to 2013 – History and main achievements


Uclés, S.; Belmonte, N.; Ferrer, C.; Gómez-Ramos, M.; Herrera, S.; Lozano, A.; Malato, O.; Medina, P.; Mezcua, M.; Rajski, Ł.; Uclés, A.; Fernández-Alba, A.



Achieving lower z-scores: evaluation of z-score results along the uncertainty range of a sample


Jesuino, B.; Freitas, A.



Estimation of the minimal preanalytical uncertainty


Sylte, M.; Wentzel-Larsen, T.; Bolann, B.



COMAR – the international database for certified reference materials


Steiger, T.; Pradel R.



Quantification of FAMEs in biodiesel: flame ionization detection vs. isotope dilution mass spectrometry


Morales, V.; Buchgraber, M.; Held, A.


P – 16

Implementing VIM3 calibration in some analytical chemistry laboratories


Pellegrino, O.; Furtado, A.; Oliveira, C.S.; Filipe, E.


P – 17

Uncertainty from sample preparation in laboratory on the example of various feeds


Korol, W.; Bielecka, G.; Rubaj, J.; Walczyński, S.


P – 18

The prospect of the TILSAM method regarding customer needs and benefits in view of existing gas CMCs


Werhahn, O.; Nwaboh, J.; Pogány, A.; Koelliker-Delgado, J.; Schiel, D.; Ebert, V.


P – 19

Variability of uncertainty associated to heavy metals determination in urban soils


Silva, H.; Silva, N.; Oliveira, C.; Matos, M.


P – 20

Measurement quality in the determination of iron content in ore


Lindera, K.


P – 21

Validation of the quantification of Mitragynine in Kratom by HPLC-DAD


Lopes, A.; Gómez, M.; Silva, R.B.; Gaspar, H.

[PDF, 1.5 Mb]

P – 22

Validation of the quantification of Cathinones in “plant feeders” by 1H qNMR


Lopes, R.; Brito, M.; Gaspar, H.; Silva, R.B.

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P – 23

Optimisation of the efficiency gain quantification of the catalytic photodegradation of methylene blue


Rosa, N.; Silva, R.B.; Camões, M.F.; Monteiro, O.C.

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P – 24

A comparison study on the uncertainty evaluation for the determination of total nitrogen, using ISO 11352 and other alternative approaches


Sousa, J.A.; Reynolds, A.; Ribeiro, A.


P – 25

Assessment of the compatibility of mean activity coefficients estimated experimentally and by Pitzer equations


Anes, B.; Silva, R.B.; Martins, H.; Camões, M.F.


P – 26

Uncertainty associated with the measurement of mineral micropollutants in natural waters and in waste waters: differences observed between analytical methods during proficiency testing schemes


De Kuyssche, D.; Charpentier, R.; Penhoat, M.; Courtade, E.; Guarini, P.

[PDF, 1.8 Mb]

P – 27

Evaluation of performance of handheld XRF analyzer and possibilities for use in quantitative assessment


Jönsson, M.

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P – 28

The quality system and metrology in chemistry: HR University training


Fertonani, F.L.; Pastrea, I.A.; Hojo, O.; Batistuti, J.P.; Furlan, E.G.; Santos, C.C.


P – 29

TrainMiC® a steadily growing and sustainable learning community


Taylor, P.