Soft Skills @Ciências

Transversal Competences are a fundamental component of training. Although their definition is not rigid, they tend to be associated with two aspects:

a) Development of a more comprehensive view of aspects of science or society;
b) Development of socio-emotional and behavioral skills, such as time management, assertiveness, initiative, teamwork, planning or tolerance to stress. The designation "transversal" comes from the fact that they are necessary competencies for good professional performance, independently of the degree. They are complementary to the scientific training required to exercise a profession.

These skills, because they have great importance in the way people deal with situations, are highly valued by employers. The expression "soft skills" is sometimes used as an equivalent to "Transversal Competences", especially in the context of the labour market.

Here you will find all the training that Sciences makes available to its students in the area of soft skills. The information is organised according to the nature of the training (Course Units vs. Courses and other initiatives) and, within these categories, by study cycle.