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Eurachem has played an important part in the significant improvements in the quality of analytical measurements that have been achieved since it was set up 25 years ago.

The purpose of this workshop is to review the procedures and guidance in each step of the measurement cycle, starting with setting a target measurement uncertainty that is adequate to ensure that the necessary decisions can be made on the basis of the measurement result.

Plenary lectures will be given on each step of the measurement cycle followed by breakout sessions. Since there is evidence, for example from the results of PT schemes, that the required quality is not always achieved, these breakout sessions will be tasked with identifying where improvements are needed and also what might be the reasons for these quality failures.

Monday, May 19
The measurement cycle: Part I


9:00 Welcome
Sub-Director of FCUL, Prof. Dr. José Manuel Rebordão
Eurachem Chair, Bertil Magnusson
Eurachem-Portugal, Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
RELACRE President, Álvaro Ribeiro
Session: Eurachem 25th Anniversary
The measurement cycle
Chair: B. Magnusson
9:15 Eurachem – how it began A. Williams
9:30 What Eurachem has achieved M. Walsh
9:50 The measurement cycle W. Wegscheider
10:20 Coffee
Session: Setting requirements for measurement validation
Chair: M. F. Camões
10:50 Setting the measurement requirement R. B. Silva
11:20 Method validation and verification L. Sibbesen
11:50 JRC contribution to the fitness for purpose of analytical methods for food and feed matrices F. Cordeiro
12:10 Assessment of the determination of total sulphur in fertilisers by ICP-OES M. J. Nunes
12:30 Lunch
Session: Bias evaluation and proficiency testing
Chair: M. Walsh
13:30 Recovery/ bias evaluation

I. Leito

14:00 Proficiency Testing (PT) – a tool to improve laboratory performance B. Brookman
14:30 Use of interlaboratory study to better define the characteristics of dispersion of results in natural gas analyses E. Basset
14:50 Assessing a New Approach (Triple A-Classification) to Evaluate Performance-Underperformance of Laboratories Participating in the EU Proficiency Tests for Multi-residue Analysis of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables A. Valverde
15:10 Tea
15:40 Parallel breakout sessions on:
  1) Setting the measurement requirement
(Chair: R. B. Silva)
  2) Method validation and verification
(Chair: M. Patriarca)
  3) Challenges in recovery/bias evaluation
(Chair: D. Milde)
17:10 Report back from the breakout sessions
17:55 Close
18:15 -  
19:15 Workshop dinner – Mundial Hotel  


Tuesday, May 20
The measurement cycle: Part II
Session: Measurement traceability and uncertainty
Chair: A. Williams
9:00 Traceability in chemical analysis – Are we ready to deliver? H. Emons
9:30 Uncertainty evaluation for analysis and sampling S. Ellison
10:00 Specifications and traceability in the pharmaceutical industry K. Byrialsen
10:20 Estimation of measurement uncertainty in the fluorometric determination of ammoniacal nitrogen in seawater by continuous flow analysis (CFA) I. Claramunt
10:40 Coffee
Session: Compliance assessment
Chair: W. Wegscheider
11:10 Reporting the result and assessment of compliance B. Magnusson
11:40 NMIJ Analytical Skill-Upgrade Training Program K. Chiba
12:00 Quality assurance of chemical analysis: classification, modeling and quantification of human errors I. Kuselman
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Poster session
14:50 Tea
15:20 Parallel breakout sessions on:
  1) Challenges in uncertainty evaluation
    (Chair: A. Williams)
  2) Traceability and use of reference materials
    (Chair: S. Ellison)
  3) Use of uncertainty in assessment of compliance
    (Chair: J. Engman)
16:50 Report back from the breakout sessions
17:35 Close


Wednesday, May 21
Underpinning the measurement cycle
Session: Quality Assurance and Training
Chair: P. De Bièvre
9:00 QA/QC to underpin the measurement cycle P. Bianco
9:30 Key skills for the analytical scientist: Assessing competence in the laboratory V. Barwick
10:00 Courses of Study and Interest-based Subjects M. F. Camões
10:20 Training needs to understand Quality Assurance K. Tsimillis
10:40 Coffee
11:10 Where next M. F. Camões
11:30 Where next: Three parallel discussions about the same topic
  1) Group I
(Chair: M. Suchanek)
  2) Group II
(Chair: B. Magnusson)
  3) Group III
(Chair: W. Wegscheider)
12:15 Report back from Breakout Sessions
12:45 Closing
Rector of the University of Lisbon, Prof. Dr. António Cruz Serra
Coordinator of CCMM-FCUL, Prof. Dr. Carlos Nieto de Castro
Eurachem Chair, Bertil Magnusson
Eurachem-Portugal, Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
RELACRE President, Álvaro Ribeiro
13:00 Lunch


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