Lisbon - Portugal, 17-21 September

Meeting venue

Venue city: Lisbon

The ILTER 2012 Meeting will be held at the Faculty of Sciences (FCUL) in the Campus of the University of Lisbon.

The venue city is Lisbon, Portugal capital with an ancient history which can be traced back almost 20 centuries. Lisbon is strategically located on the coast of Portugal which has a rich and diverse maritime history. The city charms with its churches, castles, medieval streets and museums, and beautiful views of the Tagus Estuary. Among main Lisbon attractions are the Belém Tower, the Monastery of Jerónimos, the old quarter of Alfama, St George’s castle, Lisbon Cathedral and Terreiro do Paço. We believe the many attractions will provide very good memories of Lisbon and Portugal.

More tourist information about Lisbon can be found at: