Lisbon, Portugal 21-25 July 2014


Click on the image to download the programme as a pdf file (updated 1 September 2014).




The updated Book of Abstracts, containing the detailed programme and the abstracts of all plenary, keynote and contributed oral presentations, as well as the list of all posters, is available here.  This incorporates all the latest changes and corrections, and is particularly convenient for navigation/browsing.

The print version of the Book of Abstracts as given to conference participants is also available here.

As is now customary at Liquid Matter conferences, because of the large number of posters a separate Book of Poster Abstracts, containing the full text of all poster abstracts, is now available for download here.


Registration will start on Sunday 20 July, 14:00-18:00, at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University. Click here for directions.

On other days the Registration Desk will be open at the following times:

  • 21-24 July: 8:30-18:00
  • 25 July: 9:00-12:00


Oral Communications

There are three types of Oral Communication:

  • Plenary Lectures (45 minutes including questions)
  • Keynote Lectures (30 minutes including questions)
  • Contributed Talks (20 minutes including questions)

All speakers are strongly advised to e-mail a copy of their communication to the Local Organizing Committee. This is intended as a backup only: all speakers are free to use their own computers if they so desire. If the files are too big or too many to e-mail, they can be uploaded on arrival at the conference.

We provide laptops running under the Windows 7 operating system + Datashow. Overhead projectors and blackboards are also available in all lecture rooms. .If you require any other projection equipment please contact us.

All speakers are advised to test their talks in the room where they will be delivered. This should be done during coffee breaks. If you are talking on Monday morning and would like to test your talk, please ask at Registration.

Poster sessions

The schedule for poster presentations is given below. There will be two sessions for each topic (A and B), with roughly half the posters under that topic assigned to each session.

Monday 21 July

  • Session 1A - Ionic Liquids and Liquid Metals
  • Session 3A - Liquid Crystals
  • Session 5A - Colloids
  • Session 6A - Films, Foams, Surfactants, Emulsions
  • Session 9A - Driven Systems, Rheology and Nanofluidics
  • Session 11A - Biological and Biomimetic Fluids

Tuesday 22 July

  • Session 2A - Water and Solutions
  • Session 4A - Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, Biopolymers
  • Session 7A - Confined Fluids, Interfacial Phenomena
  • Session 8A - Supercooled Liquids, Glasses, Gels
  • Session 10A - Active Matter

Wednesday 23 July

  • Session 1B - Ionic Liquids and Liquid Metals
  • Session 3B - Liquid Crystals
  • Session 5B - Colloids
  • Session 6B - Films, Foams, Surfactants, Emulsions
  • Session 9B - Driven Systems, Rheology and Nanofluidics
  • Session 11B - Biological and Biomimetic Fluids

Thursday 24 July

  • Session 2B - Water and Solutions
  • Session 4B - Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, Biopolymers
  • Session 7B - Confined Fluids, Interfacial Phenomena
  • Session 8B - Supercooled Liquids, Glasses, Gels
  • Session 10B - Active Matter

Instructions for poster presentation

Poster boards are 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width). This size is roughly DIN A0 in portrait orientation. Sticky tape will be provided to affix posters to poster boards. Posters will be on display 8:30-18:30 on the day of their assigned session. Any posters left behind will be removed by the Organizers.

Poster Prizes

We are pleased to announce that the European Physical Society, Europhysics Letters and Soft Matter have all offered to sponsor a number of poster prizes, to be awarded at the conference.

Lisbon, Portugal 21-25 July 2014