Seminário do CFTC

Designing Disordered Materials using DNA-coated Colloids of Bacteriophase Fd and Gold

Sala 1.3.14, FCUL, Lisboa

Erika Eiser
University of Cambridge

I will introduce a new binary system made of DNA-functionalized, filamentous fd-viruses of ∼880 nm length with an aspect ratio of ∼100, and 50 nm gold nanoparticles (gold- NPs) coated with the complementary DNA strands. When quenching mixtures below the melt temperature Tm, at which the attraction is switched on, we observe aggregation. Conversely, above Tm the system melts into a homogenous particulate `gas’. I will present the aggregation behavior of three different gold-NP to virus ratios and compare them to a gel made solely of gold-NPs. In particular, we have investigated the aggregate structures as a function of cooling rate and determine how they evolve as function of time for given quench depths, employing fluorescence microscopy. Structural information was extracted in the form of an effective structure factor and chord length distributions. Rapid cooling rates lead to open aggregates, while slower controlled cooling rates closer to equilibrium DNA hybridization lead to more finestranded gels. Despite the different structures we find that for both cooling rates the quench into the two-phase region leads to initial spinodal decomposition, which becomes arrested. Surprisingly, although the fine-stranded gel is disordered, the overall structure and the corresponding length scale distributions in the system are remarkably reproducible. Such highly porous systems can be developed into new functional materials.

CFTC - Centro de Física Teórica e Computacional

This course will teach how to apply the SWAT eco-hydrological model to assess the impacts of climate and associated changes on water-soil-plant interactions, and consequences to water resources, soil erosion and nutrient cycles.

Mathematical Logic Webinar, por Anton Freund (Technische Universität Darmstadt).

Encontro Scientia, por William Carvalho (Professor Convidado - Faculdade de Ciências Biológicas e Ambientais, Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul).

Geometry Webinar, por Pierre Schapira (Professor emeritus Sorbonne University).

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Formação de Comunicação em Ciência(s), por Rita Ferreira (InnovPlantProtect, Gestora de Comunicação / NOVA FCSH-ITQB NOVA, Mestranda / Rede SciComPt, sócia).

This course aims to provide students with basic knowledge of R programming, allowing them to manipulate and visualize data with R

This course aims to provide students with statistical knowledge and tools to manipulate, analyze and visualize biological data with R. Introduction to modeling, simulations and Bayesian statistics.

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"Património e divulgação em Paleontologia" é o tema escolhido para esta edição do EJIP.

A mostly practical course, offering an overview on different community ecology and macroecological methods and software.

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THE meeting place for Mobility Management practitioners and experts all over Europe.

An overview of the different ways to measure biodiversity, and provides tips for the stratification of primary biodiversity data and the construction of variables that describe its various facets.

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An overview of recent developments and applications of the algebraic and analytic theory of D-modules.

This course aims at enabling the participants to use different methods to measure the impacts of pollutants on ecosystems.

How to predict the three-dimensional structure of nucleic acid and proteins from their sequence and use the acquired knowledge to improve or create new methodologies in molecular biology research and diagnostics?

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The 22nd in the series of triennial conferences which bring together the Particle and Nuclear Physics communities.

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Welcome to an unique silicon for photovoltaics event in Lisbon!

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Summer School no âmbito da Rede UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering), de que faz parte a ULisboa, com inscrições a decorrer até 15 de maio de 2021.