Worthless Science?

Thinking and acting outside the box

Science in the age of selfies Science in the age of selfies - Donald and Stuart Geman write about scientists effectively spending more time announcing ideas than formulating them.
Agricultura Laureates Letter Supporting Precision Agriculture.
Gelo A comprehensive overview of chemical-free consumer products - A Nature Chemistry article on chemical-free products.

The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics - What is the best way to evaluate research? Diana Hicks and Paul Wouters, and others, list the 10 principles to follow.

Redes Socias para Cientistas

The e-book Redes Sociais para Cientistas (‘Social Networks for Scientists’) written by Ana Sanchez, António Granado and Joana Lobo Antunes is for those wanting to spread science on social networks. Free download.


A letter from the frustrated author of a journal paper - A tribute to the perseverance of authors published in The Journal of Systems and Software.


The importance of stupidity in scientific research - An Essay from Martin A. Schwartz (Department of Microbiology, UVA Health System, University of Virginia), published in the Journal of Cell Science.


Assessing Academic Researchers - Thoughts of Richard N. Zare (Immediate Past Chairperson, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University) on the assessment of researchers.