Visual Identity and Graphic Standards

Blue horizontal version - with signature
Blue horizontal version - with signature

Blue horizontal version - without signature
Blue horizontal version - without signature

This webpage aims to inform users of the correct use and application of the "Ciências ULisboa" brand.

The following graphic image is the only permissible representation of the Faculty of Sciences of ULisbon, and is composed of a Symbol, Logo, Signature, a colour palette and specific proportions. All of these elements must be rigorously respected.

You may download the various versions of our Visual Identity and our Graphic Standards Manual (to access these links you must first log in):

Graphic Standards Manual


E-mail signature


Black version: Service Units
                            DA  |  DFP  |  DRH  |  DSI  |  DID  |  AMAA | GOME |  BIB  |  ACI |  AEPQ | GJ | GCRE

Blue version: Departments
                            DBA  |  DBV  |  DEGGE  |  DEIO  |  DF  |  DG  |  DI  |  DM  |  DQB  |  DHFC

Black version: Departments - preferential use
                            DBA   |  DBV  |  DEGGE  |  DEIO  |  DF  |  DG  |  DI  |  DM  |  DQB  |  DHFC

Powerpoint presentation

  • Generic template (for slide 4 – the contents slide -, you must edit the header and footnote on the Slide Master)

"Background Screen" for virtual sessions

Whenever you have institutional meetings on the Zoom platform or others, you can use the following images as a "Background Screen":

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For additional information, please e-mail the Communication and Image Area