Technical Services Area


Managing activities that promote the safety of people and property, health and sustainability; maintaining and managing FCUL facilities. 

The Technical Services Area comprises the Safety, Health and Sustainability Office and the Works, Maintenance and Facilities Office.

Safety, Health and Sustainability Office

Promoting safety and health at work by preparing and coordinating awareness and protection programmes; implementing measures aimed at improving environmental performance, in compliance with sustainability criteria; coordinating all internal safety procedures, in partnership with the University of Lisbon and relevant external bodies, including civil protection agents.


  • Júlia Alves



  • Tânia Lampreia

    Safety at Work

  • Joel Santos

    Waste management

  • Filipa Pegarinhos


Works, Maintenance and Facilities Office

Maintaining and preserving buildings, equipment and outdoor spaces; providing management support for the occupation of spaces in events unrelated to FCUL's regular activities.

The Works, Maintenance and Facilities Office comprises the Maintenance Centre.


  • José Fernandes Lousa


  • Manuela Perdigão

    Administrative management

    Reception desk

  • Júlia Duarte

    Reception desk

    Support in coordinating cleaning services

  • Raúl Ferreira

    Printing services

  • Fernanda Ferreira

    Telephone operator

  • Adelina Pereira

    Classroom support

  • Humberto Serra

    Classroom support

  • Eugénia Borges

    Classroom support

Maintenance Centre

Functional maintenance of FCUL's physical spaces, ensuring the equipment and facilities are in good conditions of use; carrying out repairs or necessary updates.


  • Carlos Rosa


  • Abubacar Cissé

    Electrical maintenance

  • Josimar Pereira

    Electrical maintenance

  • João Silva

    General maintenance

  • Francisco Oliveira

    General maintenance

  • António Gualdrapa

    General maintenance

  • João Pires

    General maintenance

Unit Contacts

Building C4, Level 1 

Safety, Health and Sustainability Office: Ext. 24126 E-mail
More information

Works, Maintenance and Facilities Office: Tel. 217 500 099 Ext. 24135 Fax 217 500 157

Office Hours (working days)

09 am-05 pm


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