Study rooms

In addition to each library's reading rooms, there are three Study Rooms on level 3 of Building C4. These can hold up to eight people each, but must be reserved in advance (at the reception desk) and are subject to the following rules:

Study Rooms Rules - Building C4 - Level 3
Room 4.3.33 (Blue Room), 4.3.32 (Yellow Room) and 4.3.35 (Red Room)
Regulations for readers

  • Out of a total of eight readers who may use the room, one must register as group leader by presenting an ID and/or student card. Group leaders must register with the technical staff at the reception desk; 
  • Study Rooms may be used from 8 am to 7.15 pm; 
  • Group leaders are responsible for the room, and must enforce the following rules: 
    • no more than 8 people may occupy the room; 
    • no eating or drinking, except for bottled water;
    • no noise (including mobile phones) is allowed in the space outside the study room;
    • cannot reserve the room by leaving unattended personal belongings in it: coats, laptops, bags, notebooks, etc.; 
    • empty rooms (i.e. without any readers) where unattended personal belongings have been left are considered unoccupied;
    • if the group has left the room, library technicians will consider the room unoccupied, even if the group leader has not signed out at the reception desk; and the room may be assigned to another group;
    • once the readers have finished using the room, the group leader must sign out at the Library reception desk.

For your own safety, do not leave any computers or other unattended belongings in the study rooms and/or Library. 

The Library will at no time accept any responsibility for the loss or theft of, or damage to personal belongings left in it. 

Readers who do not follow these rules will have to leave the study room(s).