Sport and Leisure

The Faculty of Sciences is part of the University of Lisbon (ULisbon) campus, which houses or is adjacent to large sports facilities (University Stadium, swimming pool complex, racetracks) and recreational/commercial premises (Campo Grande Garden, the City Museum in Lisbon, Alvaláxia).

The campus comprises a set of specialised units that aim to promote sport, health and well-being within the academic community. The several sport infrastructures provide modalities of physical exercise (fitness, group activities, combat sports, tennis, volleyball, etc.), and also carries out university championships in order to promote leisure time occupation in an active and healthy way within the academic community. Within the scope of primary health care, there are general practice consultations along with other medical specialties with special conditions for members of ULisbon chosen - More information at

In parallel, the Student Association at FCUL promotes sports and cultural activities, namely with Vicentuna - Faculty of Sciences Music Group and FC-Acto - Faculty of Sciences Theatre Group.