Reading Spaces

All FCUL Libraries have reading spaces, for use during its opening hours until 10 minutes before closing time, and for all internal, and external users provided the latter carry a visitor card, in accordance with the current Rules.


Borrowing Books

All FCUL Libraries have documents available for home loan, but only for internal users, in accordance with Library Rules.

Only users registered in the FCUL Libraries Computer System may take out books.

The number of copies and loan period depend both on the library the books are from and on the internal user category (see table).

Users may only take out new books once they have returned overdue books. 

Renewing Books

Users may only renew borrowed books once, and if still within the loan period.

Renewal requests can be made in person, by phone or by emailing the library where the book was taken out (see contacts). Users must provide the following information: title and author name(s), and identification number of person who has taken out the book. 

Users may not renew books that have been reserved by other users. The loan period for authorised renewals will be the same as the original loan. 

Reserving Books

Internal users may reserve a book that has been taken out by another user but only in person. The Library shall then notify you when the book is available for loan.

Reservations expire 5 working days after the user has been notified it is available for borrowing.

Maximum Number of Copies and Loan Period

The maximum number of copies and the loan period depend on the Library the document is from and the user category, as per the following table: 

Maximum Number of Copies and Loan Period
  Teachers Researchers 3rd Cycle Students 2nd Cycle Students 1st Cycle Students Staff
  Number Loan period* Number Loan period* Number Loan period* Number Loan period* Number Loan period* Number Loan period*
Biology Unlimited 30 Unlimited 30 Unlimited 1 Unlimited 1 Unlimited 1 Unlimited 1
Statistics and
Operational Research 
Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365 10 30 10 30 6 7 3 7
Building C4 Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365 10 30 10 30 6 7 3 7
Building C8 Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365 10 30 10 30 6 7 3 7
Geology Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365 10 30 5 30 3 7 3 7
Informatics Unlimited 365 Unlimited 365 10 30 10 30 6 7 3 7
Mathematics 20 180 20 180 9 30 6 30 3 7 5 15

* Number of days.


Interlibrary Loan 

Grants users from a given Library access to documents from other Libraries (both in Portugal and abroad) - i.e. access to documents, photocopies, print-outs or scanned files in accordance to the established rules.

Internal Users

Internal users (FCUL staff, researchers, scholarship holders and students) may fill in the appropriate form: 

and then e-mail the completed form to

The Library supplying the document will inform the user of the cost for this service, who is responsible for paying that amount in full, unless the FCUL Library has IFLA vouchers (exchange currency used between libraries).

The Library supplying the document will establish the loan period. FCUL users must respect these due dates.

External Users

Requests from readers external to FCUL are always made by Borrowing Libraries, by e-mail (

For documents from FCUL Libraries, the loan period is 10 days if the Borrowing Library is in Lisbon, 15 days for the rest of Portugal, and 30 days for overseas libraries, as of the reception date.

Whether an interlibrary loan may be renewed or not depends on whether an internal user has requested the book.

Costs for Borrowing Libraries (with no protocol with FCUL): 

  • Portuguese libraries outside Lisbon - 1 IFLA voucher;
  • Foreign libraries within Europe - 2 IFLA vouchers;
  • Foreign libraries outside Europe - 3 IFLA vouchers. 

For both internal and external users: 

You must send or return books either in person or through registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.


Referencing and Research Support Service 

Provides users with information on how our Libraries are organised and operate, where documents are, and offers support on using equipment.

Users may ask library staff directly for the Referencing Service, or request it via e-mail.

If you need any assistance conducting more autonomous research on b-on or the SIBUL - Aleph Catalogue, please read this document.


Print, Scan and Copy Service

All internal users (through the FCUL card) have access to the Print, Scan and Copy Service at the following FCUL Libraries:

  • Building C4, Level 2;
  • Geology departmental extension, Building C6, Level 4;
  • Mathematics departmental extension, Building C6, Level 2;
  • Biology departmental extension, Building C2, Level 2.


Reserving Study Rooms / Students' Space (Building C4)

These rooms may be reserved at the Library reception desk (Level 2).