Psychological and Educational Support Office

Logótipo do GAPsi

GAPSi - the Psychological and Educational Support Office - was officially created in October 1997 by the Board and its main function is to offer psychological and learning and/or therapeutical support to all those who feel the need for specialised support. Its overall goals are the promotion of psychological well-being and academic fulfillment.

The office provide a set of services such as:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Vocational Orientation
  • Training Courses (i.g., lectures, workshops, support programme to PhD students)
  • Support to the students with Special Educational Needs
  • Organization of programs of reception and adaptation to Science Faculty.
  • Course units related to soft skills development
  • Self-help texts

Our services operate according to the ethical and professional rules of psychology, namely in what regards confidentiality.

GAPsi is made up of a team of three psychologists and is open to students, academic staff and non-academic staff.

Psychological and Educational Support Office

  • Cláudio Pina Fernandes


    Psychology Appointments

    Development of soft skills and students with Special Educational Needs

  • Andreia Santos

    Psychology Appointments

    Student welcome programmes

  • Inês Ventura

    Psychology Appointments

    GAPsi webpage

  • Bruna Francisco

    Psychology Appointments

    Development of Support Materials

  • Madalena Pintão

    Psychological Evaluation

    Service Support

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Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
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