Recognition of Teaching Excellence at Ciências-ULisboa

The continuous search for excellence in teaching has been an objective of Ciências-ULisboa. The faculty places a considerable and daily effort and dedicatio into this objective.

Surveys carried out every six months to the students show very positive evaluations which are in itsef rewarding of this effort.

However, it is also important to publicly express the perception of the excellence of teaching and the community's gratitude to all those whose contribution is most valued by the students. This is done awarding the Recognition of Teaching Excellence at Ciências-ULisboa.


Recognition of Teaching Excellence at Ciências-ULisboa 2017/2018

Category T - Theoretical classes

Carlos António da Silva Assis
Maria Teresa Ferreira Ramos Nabais Oliveira Rebelo
Nuno Miguel Pinto Lobo Matela

Category TP - Theoretical-practical classes

Francisco Rente de Pina Martins
Maria Margarida Teixeira de Faria Meireles
Nuno Miguel Pinto Lobo Matela

Category PL/TC - Practical and laboratory classes / Fieldwork

Luís Filipe Castanheira Narciso
Nuno Miguel Pinto Lobo Matela

Honorable Mentions available here.


List for the academic year 2017/2018


For the purpose of measuring the effort and quality of teaching, we have used the valid answers to the question "Tell us what is your overall assessment of the Teacher". This question with a integer response scale between 1 and 5 is part of the pedagogical inquiries to which students are invited to respond at the end of each of the 2 semesters of each school year. This is done for each of the classes to which these students were enrolled.

All teachers lecturing least 4h per semester on average are candidates for the Recognition Teaching Excellence at Ciências-ULisboa.


In order to reflect the diversity of teaching methods and the challenges posed by the different typologies classes, the following categories are established:

  • T - Theoretical classes
  • TP - Theoretical-practical classes
  • PL/TC - Practical and laboratory classes / Fieldwork

For each of the categories, a list of teachers, ordered by the average value of the answers given to the question "Tell us what your overall assessment of the teacher is." is then created. This list excludes students attending classes for which there were less than 8 valid answers at the survey. Moreover, the list considers all teachers with 20 or more answers in the category.


The Recognition Teaching Excellence at Ciências-ULisboa acknowledgments  are attributed by decision of the Director of Ciências-ULisboa to the set of professors who, in one or more categories, satisfy all the following requirements:

a) They have given their consent for the public disclosure, in the Ciências-ULisboa portal, in other places of the Internet and to the social communication of their name, department, photograph, experience and classes taught in the academic year under evaluation;
b) They have accepted, if invited, to lecture on their experience and teaching methods, to the whole community;
c) They have had an average response greater than or equal to 4.500 in the category;
d) They belong to the percentile 99% of her/his category list.

To professors meeting criteria a) to c) and belonging to Percentile 95% of the list of her/his category are awarded Honorable Mentions of Teaching Excellence in Ciências-ULisboa.