Planning and Quality Area


Processing statistical data, carrying out studies, producing management documents and developing internal monitoring processes; participating in the integrated quality assurance system.

The Planning and Quality Area comprises the Information Organisation and Management Office.

Division Head

  • Rebeca Atouguia

    Accreditation of study programmes

    Studies and Indicators

    Satisfaction Surveys

Information Organisation and Management Office

Preparing strategic documentation for management support; monitoring the operational planning required for implementing strategic initiatives; producing, organising and managing content, promoting the coherence and efficiency of the Faculty's communication in information systems and other forms of dissemination.


  • Sandra Marçal


    Management by objectives

    Activity planning and reports

    Content management

  • Octávio Pinto

    Content management (Ciências Portal and Fénix academic system)

    Internal and external communication

Unit Contacts

Building C5, Level 3

Planning and Quality Area: Ext. 25318 E-mail

Information Organisation and Management Office: Ext. 25302 E-mail


Office Hours (working days)

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