Studying at FCUL

Alunos de Ciências

Ciências: A Brief Survival Guide
Welcome Presentation by FCUL Dean  
José Artur Martinho Simões


A true campus

  • Located in the University City campus, in the heart of Lisbon, it is easily accessible by public transport, car, or even bicycle.
  • On campus, there is the University Stadium, a common space dedicated to sports and leisure with numerous activities and equipment available to students, as well as the Aula Magna, which is a cultural space of reference in Lisbon.

Academic Experience

  • FCUL’s Student Association promotes several initiatives of a recreational, cultural or sportive nature.
  • Culturally, we highlight FC-Acto, the theatre group at FCUL, and also Vicentuna, a student musical group at FCUL, where those more musically inclined to sing or play an instrument can participate and take advantage of the most amusing academic experience.
  • In sports, students have access to various sporting categories and can participate in the respective tournaments and championships.
  • FCUL fosters the development of its students’ social responsibility through volunteer initiatives at NGOs, by supporting students with special educational needs or in services at the Faculty itself. 


  • Studying is also understanding the world outside of Portugal. FCUL promotes the academic mobility of its students through internships abroad and study periods at other universities, namely through the ERASMUS+ programme and especially in the CPLP countries.
  • Have a stake in competitiveness and attractiveness across borders by participating in strategic collaborations.  We already have some courses running in partnership with well-known universities, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Texas at Austin. Others will follow. 


  • FCUL allows students to build a multidisciplinary academic career, not only through the diversity of scientific areas offered, but also because several courses are taught in conjunction with other schools from ULisbon or other universities.
  • Provides a set of Minors that confer students the necessary flexibility and versatility in order to build their education.  

Merit Awards

  • We reward our best students for their high academic performance. 

Entry into Working Life

  • FCUL promotes the convergence of students to the labour market through professional and scientific internships in real work situations, initiatives within the domain of entrepreneurship, and lectures and workshops in themes related to the challenges of integrating into working life. 
  • The FCUL Job Portal disseminates national and international job offers promoting a close connection between students and alumni and the labour market.