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The ODSlocal Platform presented, at the ceremony to commemorate the 1st year of existence, the awarded projects and municipalities, as well as the ODSlocal Seals awarded to the municipalities that presented the best performances and the most positive evolution dynamics.

The balance of this first year of activities of the Local SDG Platform is presented, in summary, in an animated video that reports the main advances made in 2021, with more than 60 participating municipalities, 287 good practices and 245 national projects.


Discover the new Casa do Impacto acceleration program, dedicated to the promotion and development of projects and ideas in the area of ​​environmental impact, which aims to generate viable and sustainable solutions with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals related to the environment.

In addition to access to Casa do Impacto's incubation and mentor network, there are also training grants, networking with potential investors and more than €30,000 in prizes.

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A Escala do Clima

"There are many ways to look to our future, but none can turn away from the climate crisis." Every week, Francisco Sena Santos and professor Filipe Duarte Santos assess the planet's temperature, in the program A Escala do Clima, from Antena 1 radio.

Confirm the participation of Ciências researcher David Avelar, coordinator of the FCULresta project and guardian of HortaFCUL and Permalab, who was present in the program, last November 26th, under the theme Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Capa do livro

Edições Colibri, Instituto Dom Luiz and coordinator José Almeida Silva will present the book "Climate Changes, Challenges for Portugal after the Paris Agreement".

The book presentation session will take place on Friday, December 10th and will be attended by the book coordinator José Almeida Silva (IDL / ULisboa Science) and the speakers ​Júlia Seixas (CENSE / FCT-NOVA), Sandro Mendonça (ISCTE / ANACOM) and Miguel Brito (IDL / ULisboa Sciences).

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Clubes Ciência Viva na Escola

The “Clubes Ciência Viva na Escola” are an initiative of the General Directorate of Education and Ciência Viva, which function in schools as open spaces of contact with science and technology, for education and for general access of students to scientific practices , promoting experimental science teaching. The 237 Clubs throughout the country are the result of solid partnerships with Universities, Research Centres, Museums and Science Centres, Companies, Associations and NGOs, which encourage interdisciplinarity and the opening of schools to the community.

Ciências, through some projects embraced by Laboratório Vivo, such as +Biodiversidade @Ciências and FCULresta are participating in online debates, promoted by the “Clubes Ciência Viva na Escola” and will support initiatives developed by several schools to implement related practices with science and biodiversity.

These partnerships are essential to disseminate the most recent scientific advances developed by Portuguese researchers, in real research contexts.

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Promove Program

FCT and the "La Caixa" Foundation renewed the collaboration agreement that continues the Promove Program and launched the 4th edition of the competition for projects under this programme. Applications for Promove 2022 are now open and run until January 19 of the next year.

The Promove Program aims to stimulate innovative initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of regions in the interior of Portugal. This program intends to invest in the management of natural resources, in the creation of new development poles and in attracting tourists and new residents.


HidroDinâmic@s Ideas Contest logo

Do you have a Hidrodynamic@ idea stored at the bottom of the bottle that can solve water shortages? A project in your parish that needs a higher flow? Or a hydro-friendly vegetable garden with a lack of gout? Then this Hidrodynamic@s Ideas Contest is for you!

The HidroDinâmic@s Ideas Contest is aimed at people of legal age with projects related to the use, consumption, preservation and scarcity of water, carried out individually, provided they are non-profit or through non-profit structures (Association, Foundation , NGO).

In each of the three categories, two projects will be awarded through a First Prize (2,500€) and a Special Prize (1,000€), for a total of 10,500€.

Applications open from November 25th to January 23rd 2022



Sea and sky

Other events in the field of Sustainability

SOCLIMPACT ( is a research and innovation project from Horizon 2020 that aims to model and assess the impacts of climate change and the ways of adapting to climate changes, for case studies covering 11 islands and European archipelagos. Ciências ULisboa, through FC.ID, was the Insular Focal Point for the Autonomous Region of the Azores and coordinated the work package for creating the Adaptation to Climate Change paths.​