Submitting your application

1. User account creation

Students from FCUL, with valid account -  login with your student number and password at and access to the application form in the tab “Candidate”.

Students from FCUL, without a valid account - you must request new access credentials through one of the following ways:

  1. By e-mail to indicating your student number and full name;
  2. At the IT Unit (C1 Building, Room 1.2.10).
    Afterwards you can access the application form in the tab “Candidate”.

Other Applicants - you must create an account at
Once the account has been created, an e-mail indicating the login (bennuXXX) will be sent to the address specified in the form.
To proceed with the application, login at and fill the application form available in the Tab “Candidate”. If you do not receive the e-mail, make sure to check your mailbox SPAM folder.
You can request a new e-mail or recover a forgotten password in If the problem persist, feel free to contact support services on


2. Choose the Course to which you are applying for.


3. Fill in all the fields presented in the application “tabs”. 

4. Gather the required and mandatory documents for upload, namely:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Degree Diploma (except conditional applications. In this case the applicants must attach a history of subjects approved in the bachelor degree)1 2 3;
  • Grades Certificates 1 2 3 / Diploma Suplement;
  • Certificate of Syllabus and Workload of the concluded subjects stamped and signed by the respective higher education institution (only for applicants whose degree or legal equivalent is from a foreign institution outside of European Union countries)  2 3;
  • Declaration of recognition of the respective higher education qualification(s) and the foreign higher education institution, approved by the General Management of Higher Education - DGES in Portugal, (only apply to candidates whose Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is from a foreign institution outside of European Union countries);
  • Citizenship Card / Identity Card (optional) 3;
  • Cover Letter.

The documents must be certified by the Portuguese consular services or be presented with the Apostille (Hague Convention) by the competent authority of the state from which the documents originate (only apply to candidates whose Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is from a foreign institution outside of the EU).

Whenever the certificate(s) or diploma(s) are not originally published in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, they must be translated into one of these languages.

3 Candidates who are not FCUL students must bring the original certificates and before the enrolment process, until 09th of September.


5. Upload the required documents within the Application Form. It requested that the uploaded documents are in a Word, PDF or image format (e.g. jpeg, gif, png, etc.)..

Candidates that do not provide all the documents required as instructed will not be accepted/evaluated (except for final year Bachelor’s students in respect to Degree Certificate of Completion).


6. Submit application.


7. Wait to receive an email regarding the payment of the application fee.

The application fee costs €40.00 for the first application. If you wish to submit more than one application, then for each subsequent application it is €20.00

The payment should be completed after receiving the email through the Post Graduate Studies Area via one of the following ways:

  • ATM reference;
  • Bank transfer by ATM's, Internet or any Bank.

Payments must be made during the respective application period (payments will not be accepted during the 1st period to pay for subsequent applications in the 2nd period).


8. In the case of having paid via bank transfer, the respective receipt should be submitted alongside the application. 


Throughout the application procedure students will be notified by e-mail and will be able to check their status. 


Conditional Applications

1st period:

In the first period, will only be considered as "conditional" the applications from candidates that complete the degree until July 23th, 2019.

These candidates must submit the Certificate of degree conclusion “Licenciatura” until July 23th, 2019, or submit the proof that requested the Certificate of degree conclusion.

Attention: will be accepted only proof of certificate applications for candidates who finish the Degree before July 23th, 2019. All candidates who finish the Degree after this date will not be considered in the first period of the applications.


2nd period:

Candidates who did not finish the Degree until July 23th, 2019, but who are still in a position to complete it in the 2018/19 academic year, may apply for the 2nd period of applications, for courses with vacancies available.

These candidates must send the Certificate of Conclusion of the Degree or send the proof of the requested Certificate, until August 26th, 2019 by email or submit in the application plataforma.

Candidates who have made conditional applications and who has been admitted will remain with the conditional application until  send their respective certificates of conclusion degree and subjects.


Choice of Courses

Candidates who submit more than one application and are accepted on to more than one course, must inform the Postgraduate Studies Area (, as soon as the results are public, of which course they would like to enrol in.

Deadlines for choosing Master’s course:

1st Period: 8th August 2018.
2nd Period: 10th September 2018.


Payment of deposit - 1st period

As defined in the Despacho No. 7686/2014, candidates accepted to the 1st period are subject to the payment of a security deposit of €40.00, failing which they will lose their place in the course to which they have been admitted.

Payment Instructions:

  • Login to Fenix via this link
  • Create an application entitled ‘Deposit Payment- Post Graduates’;
  • Submit request;
  • Consult the payment reference in the Payment Details section;
  • Complete payment.

Candidates who do not live in Portugal:

Payment must be completed through bank transfer:

N.º IBAN: PT50003508240001225203011

Immediately after the payment has been processed, the receipt must  then be sent to the following email addresses without fail, and , with the full name of the candidate to which the payment refers.


Once this payment has been made, the registration fee will be considered when enrolling in the course.

In the eventuality that the course you have applied for is cancelled, the deposit will be reimbursed in full.

Deadlines for the payment of the deposit are:

Applicants admitted on the 1st period: until 5 working days after the result’s outcome;