Open innovation

Innovation, one of the current global economic engines, can be understood as the introduction of radical or gradual changes in products, processes or services that allow the resolution of a specific technical problem.

Innoversia is an instrument for policies and practices in innovation specially developed for the Ibero-American community, thus including the Iberian countries of Portugal and Spain.

Logótipo Innoversia

Innoversia is a portal that aims to link demand (technology needs) and offer of competences and technologies, researchers and professionals from all areas. An entity posts its need and how much it wishes to pay, and those who believe they can fulfil that need register and place a proposal. 

Innoversia aims to link industry and researchers. Universia is a similar service, also designed for the Ibero-American community, which connects young students and newly graduates with the industry in order to find internships or employment.

Logótipo Universia