The Faculty of Sciences has very strong relations with several companies that have, in some way, benefited from the knowledge transmitted or from host situations created over time.

While not formally being FCUL spin-offs - as the Faculty does not have any institutional ownership - such companies were:

  • Created by alumni or former Faculty academic staff;
  • Natural extensions of FCUL students PhD activities;
  • Hosted in the Faculty campus, in particular by Tec Labs;
  • Formed as the result of intense research activity in well defined technological areas over the years, and thus benefiting from the 'team' effect;
  • Authorised to claim 'FCUL certification', as a result of established protocols and validated methodologies. 

(The visibility of companies listed herein requires authorisation and the fact that they are listed on this site is not tantamount to FCUL commitment to the same).

COHITEC is a training programme in the marketing of technologies that aims to promote knowledge produced in national R&D institutions where FCUL researchers have had a relevant role.

Selected projects whose teams integrated FCUL researchers (last five years):

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