Ideas competition

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Thirteen proposals were received within the scope of the Ideas for Sustainability Competition - the evaluation phase is currently ongoing.


The Ideas Competition is an annual competition that aims to identify and promote initiatives of Ciências ULisboa members that can contribute to sustainability, in its various aspects, both on campus and in its interaction with the city of Lisbon. The selection process will value the potential contribution to the sustainability of the Faculty, as well as the feasibility of the project, including a cost-benefit analysis. The prize is 1000 euros for the winning proposal.

The proposals must be written by mixed teams made up of students, teachers, researchers and/or non-teaching staff from Ciências ULisboa, and others whose activities are usually carried in the campus, in areas such as:

  • Efficient use of energy and/or water on campus;
  • Generation and/or use of energy;
  • Reduction of waste production;
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint of processes;
  • Promotion of the communities well-being;
  • Use of local products;
  • Reducing the impact of the Faculty in the city of Lisbon, etc.

The jury will be composed by Maria João Rodrigues, Director of Lisboa E-Nova, Júlia Alves, from the Safety, Health and Sustainability Office of Ciências ULisboa and Jorge Maia Alves, Subdirector of Ciências ULisboa (see Dispatch D/36/2019, only available to registered users).

The Faculty Dean will do his best to implement the winning proposals, if possible, in a process to be followed up by the participating team(s). The rules are available here.