Greenhouse gas emissions

In 2019, greenhouse gas emissions associated with the burning of natural gas for heating buildings, electricity consumption and use of fuels in college vehicles were estimated. The results show that emissions associated with electricity represent the largest fraction of campus emissions. The study is being extended to emissions associated with the mobility habits of students, staff, teachers and researchers, in their travels to and from the campus, as well as in professional travels, as part of a Master's dissertation in Energy and Environmental Engineering.


In 2019, Ciências ULisboa established a partnership protocol with Via Verde Serviços S.A., which foresees the creation of a closed group in the Via Verde Boleias Electronic Platform with the dual objective of contributing to a more comfortable and cheaper access for its employees and students, in trips to or from college, or in other kind of trips related to field work and, simultaneously, to encourage the reduction of emissions associated with these trips. Also, in 2019, the Faculty initiated contacts with Mobiletric aimed at installing a set of fast charging stations for electric vehicles on the campus. In both cases, it is expected that the goals will be achieved in early 2021.