Can I choose the psychologist?

At GAPsi there are psychologists from both sexes so that if a person feels the need they can have an appointment with someone in particular. However, we guarantee that all psychologists have adequate training to assist any person.

Who is going to know?

One of the main worries by GAPsi staff is guaranteeing confidentiality for its clients. We want this to be a space where a person feels comfortable and safe.

And what if my schedule isn’t compatible?

In exceptional cases we may make an appointment outside of our normal working hours so that the person can be seen.

Who can go to GAPsi?

GAPsi is a service provided by FCUL and it is available to all students (undergraduate, master’s, PhD and post-graduate), academic staff and other staff from the institution that need some kind of specialised support.

Can I register someone that I think needs help?

GAPsi only receives appointments made by the person requesting the service and does not accept appointments on behalf of third parties. It intends to have people come willingly and not feel forced by a third party. However, we can raise awareness for the latter regarding the need for specialised help.

Are my problems big enough for me to seek help? 

Each person has their very particular life story and therefore the impact that certain moments have on a person’s life are not the same in another person’s. Each individual is received as the human individual they are and not in comparison with everyone else.

And what if it's a simple matter, as for example, taking a decision?

Psychology can render other services beyond psycotherapeutic counselling, including the response to problems or personal questions that are relatively delimited or identified. Thus, GAPsi can also help with simple questions and more direct services such as helping take decisions.