Educational Surveys

The educational surveys aim to obtain pedagogical information about the course units of FCUL study programmes and about the teaching performance of its academic staff. Regular surveys on the teaching performance of the Faculty as well as the teaching performance of academic staff are within the competencies of the Education Board - Article 63 of FCUL Statutes.

Assessment of the results by the different CFUL bodies, Education Board, Board, Scientific Board, head of departments, programme coordinators and academic staff, should lead to better performance of FCUL course units and programmes and better student academic performance.

Survey answers are strictly anonymous and are subjected to statistical analysis. The statistical analysis is carried out by the Planning and Quality Area of FCUL.


Educational Surveys are answered online on the Virtual Desk of the student's page at the end of each academic semester. The student must answer a survey for each enrolled course unit, and completion of the same is condition for registration for the exam.

The survey is divided into two groups:

1.        Assessment of the Course Unit

2.        Student Self-assessment

The 1st group requests the student's opinion on the syllabus, bibliography and comprehensive assessment of the course unit.

The 2nd group is divided into two subgroups: the first concerns the student's participation and attendance in the different components of the course unit; the second group aims at assessing which competencies were more developed in the course unit within the objectives defined by the current European higher education. 

The Teacher assessment contains questions about the academic staff, regarding the different components of the course unit.

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