Educational offer

The Mission of Ciências ULisboa includes the promotion of education through the involvement of the students in research and development, through a culture of permanent learning, valuing critical thinking and intellectual autonomy. This is achieved through the offer of several Programs, from the 1st to the 3rd Cycle, which include topics and activities ("in" and "out" campus) related to the themathics of sustainability. Examples are :

  • 1st Cycle: Earth, Environment and Climate; Climate Variability and Change; Environmental Impact; Environmental Biology and Conservation; Land Systems and Sustainable Development; Energy Sustainability; Gardens as Spaces of Science; Science, Technology and the City; among many others.
  • 2nd Cycle: Master in Ecology and Environmental Management (e.g. Ecosystem Services and Environmental Economics, Environmental Monitoring, Management and Conservation of Natural Resources, Global Change and Sustainability); Master in Environmental Geology, Geological Risks and Land Management (e.g, Geology, Environmental Planning and Impact; Environmental Geochemistry); Master in History and Philosophy of Science (Science and City); Integrated Master in Energy and Environmental Engineering (Renewable Energies, Energy Systems in Buildings, Solar Energy Systems, Computational Building Simulation, Zero Energy Balance Building Design, Sustainable Mobility); Master in Conservation Biology (e.g., Ecological Modelling); among others.
  • 3rd Cycle: PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Changes, PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems, PhD in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution; among others.