COVID-19: Operation of the School Year 2021/22

In accordance with the 10th update of the Faculty's Contingency Plan, with the Guidelines for Scientific and Higher Education Institutions to guarantee face-to-face teaching and non-teaching activities - school year 2021/22 (DGES/DGS) and with the Orther 174/2021 from the Rector, the general principles that guide the beginning of the 2021/22 school year are the return to face-to-face activities, without restrictions in space occupation, maintaining the obligation of permanent use of masks in the Faculty facilities and all the recommendations associated with hand hygiene measures, spaces and respiratory etiquette.

Rapid tests are not carried out at the Faculty's premises but the rapid testing programme is maintained at the University of Lisbon Medical Centre (University Stadium facilities).

Rapid and effective contact tracing (identification, risk assessment and implementation of measures) is a key element for early case detection and limiting the spread of COVID-19, so reporting confirmed cases and high-risk contacts to the Faculty services remains crucial.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is strongly recommended for the protection of Public Health and for the control of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to DGS Standard No. 002/2021, all people living in Portugal aged 12 years or older were included in the vaccination plan against COVID-19, allowing a high vaccination coverage, even in a university environment. All foreign students (full degree or mobility), who have not yet been vaccinated or are incompletely vaccinated, are urged to go to any vaccination centre to be vaccinated. They should bring their identification document and proof of the first vaccination (for students with incomplete vaccination). More information is available at

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